Ms. Jamie & Ms. Lesley

Pre-K 1 April 2018

April 16-20

Our theme for the week is “Taking Care of Our Earth”. During Large Group Literacy,

we will talk about things that make the Earth happy and sad; what it means to reduce, reuse,

and recycle; sort items by if it can be recycled, reused, or if it’s trash; discuss ways we can

conserve energy; and sort items by paper, plastic, and glass. Our small group activities include

planting herbs in recycled fruit containers, going on a nature walk and then recording what

we observed with our five senses, and making Earth Day promise art. During Phonological Awareness,

we will learn about the letter “Qq”, the sound it makes, and words beginning with the letter.

We will also count syllables in words related to Earth Day and brainstorm several CVC rhyming words.

Our afternoon activities include making the Earth using blue and green play dough, discussing ways we

use recycled items in our classroom, making cheerio bird feeders, decorating a heart with something

we love about nature and our Earth, and practicing ordering the letters K-O. Throughout the week,

we will read several stories related to taking care of our Earth.