Ms. Jamie & Ms. Lesley

PK 1 February News 2018 

 February 19-23: Dr. Seuss

This week, we will kick off our first week of Dr. Seuss. During Large Group Literacy,

we will read “The Lorax” and discuss the cause and effect relationships in the book;

read “The Cat in the Hat” and draw something the Cat would do if he came to our house;

read “Great Day for Up” and brainstorm things that go up; and read

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go” and talk about how we can travel by land, water, and air.

Our Small Group activities include Green Eggs and Ham Addition (Students will put

eggs together, count the number of dots on each part of the egg, and identify the sum),

reading “Fox in Socks” and creating a Fox in Socks puppet, “The Lorax” paper plate craft,

and matching uppercase and lowercase letters. During Phonological Awareness,

we will learn about the letter “Jj”, the sound it makes, and words beginning with this letter.

Our afternoon activities include brainstorming ways we can help the Earth (“The Lorax” extension);

creating a “Cat in the Hat” snack; identifying the cones in our world and practicing

drawing a picture of a cone; and counting, writing, identifying, and showing the number 18

in the ten frames. Throughout the week, we will read many stories by Dr. Seuss.