Ms. Susan & Ms. Sarah

 PS 4 February 2018 News

 February 19-23: Dr. Seuss

 We always have so much fun during Dr. Seuss week.  I am very excited to say that we will

be talking about Dr. Seuss next week as well!  There are so many fun books and characters

to explore.  Dr. Seuss books are not only entertaining, but they almost always include

wonderful life lessons as well!

This week’s Second Step activities will focus on joining in with play.  Some children need help

with their approach when they wish to join a group that is already playing. 

Perhaps they don’t quite know how to ask.  Our puppet friends Todd and Tess will give us an

example of how we might ask our friends if we can join in.  We will have a fun story and discussion time,

and play some fun games as well.

Our practice letter is Y.  We are going to concentrate on it’s sound, look for things in our room

that begin with Y, review sign language for the letter Y, and make a chart listing words

that start with the letter Y.

We are still practicing our names in sign language.  Hopefully, it will become second nature to use

our sign language alphabet. We will, of course, go over our letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. 

We are also going to practice our days of the week and months of the year.