Ms. Baylee & Ms. Lillie

PS 3 April 2018 Newsletter

April 16-20

We had lots of fun last week learning about lots of bugs and insects. This week will continue our monthly

study of Spring! This week we will learn all about caterpillars and butterflies. The kids will get to learn

about the entire life cycle of a butterfly. One of our crafts this week will go along with the with this theme

by getting to make a necklace. On Friday they will be making this fun activity and get to bring it home.

For this week, the kids will be learning a new social skill about developing a since of self with others.

As your three-year-old becomes more aware of social norms they began to desire more friendships.

They start to learn the importance of respecting other people’s personal space and belongings.

During our circle time each day, we will be reviewing the letters M and N. Since we have made it

through our whole alphabet, we will continue reviewing two letters a week. We will also review what each

sound the letter makes. Our Number for this week is 20. We will practice counting to the number 20

and seeing what it looks like. We will review our weather, date, and shapes during this time as well.