Ms. Jessica & Ms. Cassie

Pre K 3 April 2018 Newsletter

April 16-20

This week we will focus on how to take care of the earth! Students will be learning about

reusing, recycling, and reducing.  Much of our focus will be using the book,

“The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss to help us connect how we can help change situation on earth.

During the week, we will discuss causes and effects, using “The Lorax” and using real-life,

brainstorm ways that we can take care of the earth, and think of items that we can recycle,

reuse, and reduce.  We will continue working on identifying rhyming words by coloring

rhyming recycle words, identifying syllables, and tracking print from left to right.

We’ll continue working on writing first and last names, counting to 50, and writing numbers,

independently. However, we can’t forget that we will be having a birthday party for the earth,

as we celebrate the years that we have spent on this beautiful planet!